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Snow Removal is a BIG business

Snow Removal is a BIG business generating up to $60 Billion annually, and is recession proof. When other trades parked their equipment in the last recession, snow contractors managed to prosper. As they prospered, a lot of money was invested back into their businesses as they realized that improving efficiencies was key to staying current with the competition.

When you are looking to partner with a plow or pusher manufacturer, Arctic is the intelligent choice. Its flagship product, the Sectional Sno-Pusher™, is recognized nationally as the top performer in the industry, with over 10,000 units in active use. Arctic also brings immense credibility to your sales effort because it is the only major snow manufacturer that is also a snow contractor. In fact, with 40 years in the business, Arctic owns the largest fleet in North America and is the nation’s largest self performing snow contractor, thanks in large part to its use of its Sectional Sno-Pushers. What better testimonial can you have regarding this product? Every design feature was a direct result of operator input, and every Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher™ is so user friendly, fast and efficient that they pay for themselves in their first year of use.

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Bill Rancic, entrepreneur and winner of the first season of The Apprentice, speaks with Randy Strait about Arctic's commitment to innovation in its products and the success they have had in the industry.

Sectional sno-pusher™
The world’s number one snow pusher in terms of sales, ease of use, performance, reliability and endurance, the Arctic Sectional is the clear choice of commercial snow contractors everywhere, with 90% of sales coming from word of mouth advertising.
SideSwiper Offset Plow™
The SideSwiper possesses many of the great features that are found on the famous Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher™ and Sno-Plow™. It has a full twenty feet of length, offset and with a low profile, so it can clear the kingpin on semi-tractor trailers.
Sectional sno-plow™
Arctic’s patented and proprietary technology assures you that no one selling a competitor’s products will have a power angled plow that can conform to surface variances, float over obstacles and clean down to the yellow lines in the first pass.
DoubleDown Salt Bucket™
Another home run for Arctic and its dealers. Fully independent dual augers and spinners cast salt up to 50 ft on either side (100 ft total) underneath parked cars. Site dedicated, it uses half the salt of salt trucks, allows daytime salt on demand and keeps operators busy.
Fits all Manufacturers’ Equipment
Arctic’s patented Slip Hitch™ universal mounting system fits any manufacturer’s quick-connect coupler, and allows an operator to attach and release attachments without leaving his cab. It is also the secret behind Arctic’s exclusive self leveling drop-and-go technology. For any skid steer, track vehicle or wheel loader, we have what your customer needs.
Strong Revenue Opportunities on Numerous Wear Parts
Our plows and pushers are purposely designed to be modular so they can theoretically last forever in near new condition with proper maintenance. Over time, numerous parts will need to be replaced over time due to wear or damage, and that revenue tends to be greater and more consistent than competitive products. Also, major impacts that would normally destroy a standard pusher might cause no more damage than the replacement of a $50 polyurethane mounting block. To the appreciative customer, this is a small price to pay, but for you this is small parts revenue which stocks easily and becomes very profitable. At the same time, it brings customers back to your dealership, establishing stronger relationships and motivating additional sales.
The Technology Everyone Else Wants
The Sectional Sno-Pusher™ was invented and then used exclusively by Arctic on its own fleet for eleven winters of constant testing and tweaking, before finally being introduced to the rest of the world in 2006, and it continued to be improved every year to this day. No other snow attachment has ever gone through this type of engineering rigor and the results speak for themselves. With over 10,000 Sectionals in current use, it has revolutionized the industry, leading every other major manufacturer to create various designs meant to recapture the market, but to no avail as yet. If you sell only one brand, this is the one you want.
Strong Word of Mouth
Most potential buyers come into the dealership knowing a fair amount about the Arctic Sectionals. Often they just need reassurance that they are making a great decision.
Unparalleled Factory Support
In complete contrast to other pusher manufacturers, Arctic’s factory is the only one that manufactures 90% of its component parts from raw materials. Without that, we would never have been able to successfully develop and evolve Sectional technology in concert with real time field support and feedback. That gives us an incredible background in design, model making, machining, and fabrication, including the ability to deliver custom solutions (specialty mounts, plows etc) for non-standard equipment and applications that only a firm like ours could deliver, and dealers come to trust us with end user communications because of our credibility on all fronts.
Marketing Support
Many other excellent companies provide help with point of sale materials, marketing videos, and informative websites. However, none of those companies have our field experience which is very important when trying to land a special customer. Let us help you make every customer a long term asset.
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